As rumours cycle the blue app and other social media platforms, Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers FC Babadi Kamara who is considered by many as a father to Musa Tombo has today blasted football politicians who set Musa against him.

A month ago, following the saga between Bo Rangers FC, Al-lttihad SC and Kaizer Chiefs over who wins Musa Tombo on a football contract deal, there had been bashes and allegations levied against Babadi over Musa’s transfer.

According to Roland Ekokobe, the former agent for the striker Musa Kamara on his transfer to Al-lttihad SC in Libya, alleged that Bo Rangers FC contributed to the Kaizer Chiefs FC fear of signing Musa Tombo after the several discussions had.

He continued that Musa was on his way to Chiefs but unfortunately, his passport was withheld which resulted to the team to cancel his contract offer and ticket.

With some many blames hitting Babadi over Musa’s saga, Musa later had a contract with Al-lttihad SC after Bo Rangers FC has terminated his contract with them. His later requested to return back as the environment is not safe for him.

As dramas surround Musa, he later on a video apologized to Babadi for everything and they both settled their differences and became one again.

On yesterday’s incident where the striker was spotted on the street of Bo half naked, Bo Rangers chairman blasted the perpetrators that ignite their good relationship with Musa to blames.

As not just an Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers but now a close relative to Musa Tombo, Babadi with dismay blasted football politicians who he alleged has contributed immensely to Musa’s misfortunes.

Those football politicians who set me (Babadi) and Bo Rangers up against Musa taking advantage of his situation and who attempted to take him to South Africa and later threw him to Libya for money without considering his mental state should now bow down their heads in shame.

You purported that Musa has no contract with Bo Rangers even when I submitted same to the FA President yet still you brutally destabilized the young man just so that he doesn’t represent Bo Rangers in the Africa Champions League.

You have succeeded thus far to destroy an innocent soul. Wait and see what God will do to you.

Whatever we can do to help Musa as a club we will do. He remains to be one of the greatest player to ever put on the Bo Rangers Jersey and for that we are forever grateful. It is going to be well with Musa.
In Shaa Allah.

For the wicked, may Allah judge you according to our deeds.”