Chinese tech giant Huawei has officially handed over the completed National Fiber Backbone to LeoneCom, marking a major milestone in Sierra Leone’s digital infrastructure expansion.

The culmination of this project was made possible through a US$30 million loan agreement from the China EXIM Bank, which was secured in 2019 to propel the second phase of the National Fibre Optic Backbone initiative. This initiative aims to establish a robust and modern telecommunications network across the country, with a particular focus on connectivity.

With this remarkable achievement, 14 out of the 16 districts in Sierra Leone will now benefit from enhanced connectivity and communication capabilities.

The National Fiber Backbone project not only bolsters the nation’s technological infrastructure but also sets the stage for improved internet access, bridging the digital divide that has hindered progress and development.

Salima Bah, the Minister of Communications, Technology, and Innovation, expressed her enthusiasm regarding this transformative development.

She emphasized that the delivery of the National Fiber Backbone to LeoneCom signifies a decisive step towards providing the people of Sierra Leone with seamless and convenient access to the internet. This advancement holds the potential to empower citizens, stimulate economic growth, and foster innovation in various sectors.

As Sierra Leone continues its journey toward a more digitally inclusive future, the successful completion of the National Fiber Backbone project stands as a testament to international collaboration and technological advancement, underscoring the nation’s commitment to embracing the benefits of a connected world.