Sierra Leone’s Mary Dora Kamara has achieved an extraordinary milestone, becoming the youngest person in her country to earn a master’s degree in Energy and Green Hydrogen Technology.

Mary Dora Kamara is a Sierra Leonean born in Lungi town – Sierra Leone. She is from a Family of 6, she is the second girl in her family. Her dad is late and her mother is still alive residing in Lungi.

She did her Primary and Secondary School studies in Lungi. After her West Africa Certified Examination (WACE), she entered Fourah Bay College at the University of Sierra Leone to study BSC. in Geology. She was among the best students who graduated with good grades in their department. After her undergraduate studies at FBC she gained a scholarship to pursue her postgraduate studies in Energy and Green Hydrogen Technology.

During her studies, she demonstrated incredible determination by studying in four different countries across two continents. Mary’s bilingual proficiency in French and English enhances her skills. Her achievement is inspiring, showcasing the importance of pushing boundaries.

In an interview with her, she plans to apply her knowledge in Sierra Leone’s energy sector.

In her words, “Coming back home, I am ready to serve my country and help in transforming the energy sector in Sierra Leone. With my studies and lots of experiences, I believe i am well loaded with knowledge and practical skills to contribute in the development of Sierra Leone energy sector.”

Mary aims to share her experiences and knowledge with her fellow Sierra Leoneans, serving as a testament to the power of hard work and determination.

She represents the future of Sierra Leone’s energy sector and its talented youth.