WhatsApp is set to launch some new updates to improve user experience on the instant messaging platform.

The meta-owned app is reportedly working on updates that will increase the current group chat participants limit.

Screenshots of images and videos will be reduced to “view once”, giving captions to document sharing, India Today reported.

Users should also be expecting WhatsApp premium features for business WhatsApp on selected plans.

Below is the list of new features currently available only for beta testers or under development.

1,024 WhatsApp Group Participants

WhatsApp group members’ capacity has been progressively expanding over time. The limit was 256 persons in 2017, raised to 512 in May of this year, and is now going to be extended once again to 1,024 members.

The increase in WhatsApp’s group size restriction makes a lot of sense. The goal of WhatsApp has long gone beyond simple two-person communication, and it now seeks to offer an experience more similar to what Discord or Telegram groups can offer. Telegram permits 200,000 people per group, and Discord enables 500,000 users per server. Thus, there is still much to be done.

Document sharing with captions

Very soon, WhatsApp will roll out new updates allowing users to send their documents with captions, unlike before, when it only allows users to send photos, videos and GIFs with captions.

The new feature will allow users to search for any documents sent or received in the search through the chat option.

Screenshots blocking for view-only media

WhatsApp users should also expect the much-needed feature to improve security and enhance users’ privacy. The new feature will now restrict users from taking screenshots of all media “view once” photos and videos.

The feature is presently available to some android beta testers and will be rolled out soon to all users.

Premium Subscription

Meta wants to monetize Whatsapp. Right now, the beta version of the business app allows access to WhatsApp Premium. The platform is going to make a monthly subscription official.

On their devices, participants in the WhatsApp beta program may immediately access the new WhatsApp Premium menu by accessing the settings for the program.

Users can change this link once every three months. Despite the fact that you might want your clients to remember your address since you’re a business. The URL will then once again be editable and available to other users.

WhatsApp Premium offers account sharing across 10 devices in a similar way to the actual 4 devices. It’s a feature that would enhance collaboration among staff members who want to use a single account for their firm.

Editing messages after sending

WhatsApp is working on allowing its users to edit messages after they have been sent within a timeframe.

Just like Twitter, WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature which will make it possible for users to edit their sent messages within 15 minutes after being sent.