REVEALED: Why the Failed Bank Governor Was Sacked

Whilst the poor handling of the economy occasioned by his failed policy to redenominate the national currency may have been a major factor for the Bank Governor’s dismissal, our usually reliable sources say his decision to flout the banking act 2019 by levying some illegal and outrageous fines to intimidate the Board and Management of Rokel Commercial Bank in favour of a sacked female employee was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Our sources at the Bank of Sierra Leone say that instead of working to repair his failed monetary policies, the aging Professor Kelfala Kallon had in recent weeks issued several threatening letters and multiple fines against RCBank and the Board Chairman in his quest to overturn the Board’s decision and he was requesting the Board Chairman, Buffy Bailor reinstate MARGARET Davies – the sacked Legal Adviser. The Professor had refused to accept that the MD had clearly been vindicated by the Investigative Committee of the Board of any sexual harassment allegations brought forward by the former female employee of the bank.

One wonders why this deep interest in Margaret’s issue was given higher priority than the economy that the Professor had damaged.

It is as if the disgraced Professor was fighting a proxy war for the said female employee who is now said to be in a very close and intimate relationship with the old professor. After she was dismissed for insubordination and breaching of the bank’s confidentiality rules, our investigations say Margaret Davies has been engaged in a smear campaign against the bank’s Board and Management.

In a move that shocked many people within the banking industry, Professor Kallon was reported to have levied outrageous fines on the Rokel Bank Board Chairman and Managing Director who were not available to provide him the documents he requested.

Whilst messing us the exchange rate and redenomination exercise, the failed Professor turned his terrible hands to destroy the successful steps taken in the growth of RCBank.

We are not privy to the exact details of the said fines but such a witch hunt and financial punishment on a Government entity which now pays dividends to Government, undermines the vision of His Excellency.

How can this Professor destroy the economy and then because of a relationship with a sacked female staff, proceed to destroy a successful government financial institution??.

This Ex-Governor is definitely a devil in disguise and an enemy of the President and People of Sierra Leone

The action of the Governor has seriously angered God.

The authorities must have concluded that Professor Kallon was pursuing a personal agenda to destroy the economy of Sierra Leone and shut down one of the most performing Government banks in Sierra Leone. It therefore defies common logic that a non-performing Governor is hell bent on destroying the financial sector and institutions with a significant potential to help turn round the fortunes of our ailing economy.

We are investigating!!

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  • Sahr B Musa | 2023-03-17 07:56:50
    Please do investigate and bring out more truth concerning the dumb and worthless Bank Governor.
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