Fantacee Wiz – Mama Balu (Official Video)

Mama Balu by Fantacee Wiz is a defiant song of an off age girl who has done everything her guardian ask of her but still won’t let her have fun.

Fantacee Wiz is a multiple award winning traditional folk singer from Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Fantacee began music as a member of the Voice of Children on UN Radio. She later joined a music group called Freetong Players International. Fantacee was appointed UNDP peace Ambassador during the 2007 Presidential and Parliamentary elections and the 2008 local government elections.

In 2011 she founded a music group called Sierra Unity Playas while in college studying ICT at SiliconPro. Fantacee has done a couple of campaigns such as ‘Say No To Rape’ and ‘stop Violence Against Women’.

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