“Na We Get D Pawer,” the latest single from LXG, Sierra Leone’s glory in the music business, features Arkman, a.k.a. Woro woro.

The multi-award winning ensemble from Sierra Leone, LXG is made up of Kass, Pretty S, and Nega Don. The group is renowned for the excellent noises it has created over the years. Despite the fact that they were relatively quiet last year, this track, among others, in 2023 has proven beyond all rational doubts why they were so quiet.

Despite the strength they possess individually and collectively, LXG and Arkman joined forces to create the new song “Na We Get D pawer” by enhancing the flavor and pace.

Every LXG fan should appreciate this great anthem, and after listening to it, I bet they’ll add it to their playlist and place it on repeat.

“Na We Get D Pawer” is not extraordinary considering the group has a reputation for creating excellent music videos over the years. To achieve the video’s climax with High Definition (HD) graphics, the crew and producer gave it their all.

Check out “Na We Get D Pawer” by LXG, a song that will be called the return of LXG. Enjoy, share and follow the team on all social media.