In Sierra Leone, the multi-tier general election is expected to take place in June 2023. This election will be held for the President and Parliamentarians. As the 2023 Multi-tier General Elections are just around the corner with so much anticipation, the Wellington Artist Union, in collaboration with the legendary superstars entertainment has on a song drew the attention of Sierra Leoneans to the importance of vote as your vote can make the change you seek to a reality.ย 

The lyrics of the song depict the essence of casting your vote as a Sierra Leonean and also send a strong message to the ghetto guys and the role they can play in the change Sierra Leone seeks.

The Wellington Artist Union is a community-based organization whose aims and objectives are to stimulate interest in music and to support our community-based artists and the country as a whole.

Ahead of the 2023 elections, the Wellington Artists Union has reacted to the upcoming election by singing a wonderful song titled “Go Vote,” which I assure you will not regret listening to.