At the Palace de Peuple, a somber ceremony unfolded as the funeral service for the 25 victims of the Conakry oil depot explosion took place, evoking heartfelt tributes and expressions of sorrow.

Among those remembered were 8 Sierra Leonean nationals, their remains adorned with their country’s Green, White, and Blue colors. The lingering mystery of one unidentified body served as a poignant reminder of the tragic incident.

Nearly two months after the catastrophic December 18 explosion, the Guinean government, led by President Mamadi Doumbouya, handed over the victims’ remains to their grieving families. The interfaith funeral service, held on Friday, February 2, 2024, witnessed the presence of notable officials, including Dr. Dansa Kourouma, the President of the National Transition Council.

President Doumbouya, visibly moved, paid his respects to the deceased, emphasizing the profound loss. Bridging religious divides, the ceremony featured sermons and prayers from both Muslim and Christian clergies, uniting in shared sorrow for the departed souls.

In a touching moment, a representative of the Sierra Leonean victims expressed gratitude to the Guinean authorities for their compassionate response to the tragedy. The inclusive approach, regardless of nationalities, struck a deep chord, exemplifying a united response to the human toll of the devastating explosion.

As families received the remains of their loved ones, the ceremony served as a poignant reminder of life’s fragility and the resilience of communities uniting in times of tragedy. Throughout the Palace de Peuple, collective expressions of grief and solidarity echoed, emphasizing the shared humanity that transcends borders.