Liberia’s President-elect, Joseph Boakai has a close relationship with Sierra Leone, according to a statement from the Kenema Old Students Association (KOSA). Boakai is an alumnus of Kenema Secondary School (K. School) and is fluent in Sierra Leone Creole (Krio) and Mende languages.

In an exclusive interview, President Boakai acknowledged his ties to Sierra Leone, revealing his proficiency in speaking Sierra Leone Creole (Krio) and Mende languages. Adding a personal touch, he disclosed that his wife belongs to the Mende tribe and goes by the name Katimu Yatta Boakai.

The political landscape mirrors a unique similarity between President Boakai’s Unity Party (UP) in Liberia and the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP). Both parties share the color green, emphasizing unity with slogans such as “One Nation One People” for UP and “One People, One Country” for SLPP. This alignment in political messaging suggests a shared commitment to national unity and cohesion.

As President Boakai prepares to lead Liberia, his connection to Kenema and Sierra Leone adds a nuanced dimension to his profile. The revelation of his linguistic skills in Sierra Leonean languages and his familial ties further strengthens the cultural bridge between the two nations, fostering a sense of shared heritage. This revelation may contribute to enhanced diplomatic and cultural relations between Liberia and Sierra Leone in the years to come.

Boakai’s close ties to Sierra Leone are likely to be beneficial for both countries. He is well-respected in Sierra Leone and is seen as a bridge between the two nations. His fluency in Krio and Mende will also be an asset as he works to strengthen ties between Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The revelation of Boakai’s ties to Sierra Leone is a welcome development for both countries. It is a reminder of the shared history and culture between the two nations and it paves the way for a closer relationship in the years to come.