Martin Dainbaquee, a 27-year-old native of Kono district in the eastern region of Sierra Leone, emerged as the triumphant winner of the Africa Generation GoGettz competition held in Tanzania in 2023. Representing Sierra Leone, Dainbaquee secured the prestigious Impact Award for his remarkable dedication and groundbreaking innovations.

Dainbaquee, an Electrical and Electronic Engineer by profession, holds the positions of CEO and founder at the Eco-friendly Rechargeable Incubator and Local Animal Feed Processing Company. His ambitious vision aims to halt the importation of chicken products into Sierra Leone, transforming the agricultural landscape with sustainable and innovative practices.

The Africa Generation initiative focuses on nurturing and empowering young entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector across Africa. Dainbaquee’s victory stands as a testament to the potential for positive change within Sierra Leone and beyond, emphasizing the impact of innovation and sustainability within local communities.

Expressing his gratitude, Dainbaquee stated, “The recognition from the Africa Generation GoGettz 2023 Impact Award is a collective triumph for our team and a testament to the potential for positive change. It’s a reminder of the impact innovation and sustainability can have on local communities, inspiring us to continue pushing boundaries for a greener, more empowered future.”

Dainbaquee’s Eco-friendly Rechargeable Incubator and Local Animal Feed Processing Company is poised to revolutionize poultry farming in Sierra Leone with innovative technological solutions. He added, “Our commitment is to address crucial challenges faced by local farmers by developing an eco-friendly rechargeable incubator and locally sourced animal feed, fostering a more sustainable approach to agriculture.”

In closing, Dainbaquee emphasized the significance of collaboration with the government to create an environment conducive to the success of eco-friendly initiatives, paving the way for sustainable agricultural practices in Sierra Leone.