Pelumi Nubi, a Nigerian national with a passion for adventure, recently completed an extraordinary journey from London to Lagos by road, covering over 6,000 miles across multiple countries.

In an exclusive interview with Pulse Nigeria TV, Pelumi shared her captivating experiences and insights from her epic road trip.

While recounting her travels, Pelumi expressed her deep affection for Sierra Leone, describing it as “the country I love the most.” She was particularly drawn to the sense of familiarity and belonging she felt there, which she attributed to her 0.4% genetic match to Sierra Leone. This connection seemed to deepen her appreciation for the country and its culture, making it a highlight of her journey.

she emphasized, β€œthe country I Love the most, I really enjoyed Sierra Leone. There was just something about home to it. I did have 0.4% genetic Sierra Leone match, so maybe there’s a bias.”

However, Pelumi’s adventure was not without its challenges. She recounted a less pleasant experience in Liberia, where she had to spend two nights sleeping at the border. This unexpected delay left her with a “bitter taste” and was one of the more challenging moments of her trip.

Despite the ups and downs, Pelumi’s journey was a testament to her adventurous spirit and love for exploration. Driving through diverse landscapes, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of the countries she traveled through.