Towards advancing aviation standards and cooperation, a delegation from the Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority (SLCAA), headed by Director General Mrs. Musayeroh Barrie, delivered a compelling presentation on the Authority’s areas of interest and vision.

This momentous event took place at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Western and Central Africa Office in Dakar, Senegal, on Wednesday, January 24th.

The SLCAA delegation articulated the Authority’s commitment to enhancing aviation practices, safety, and collaboration within the Western and Central Africa region. Mrs. Musayeroh Barrie, leading the delegation, emphasized Sierra Leone’s dedication to aligning its aviation sector with international standards set by the ICAO.

During the presentation, the SLCAA highlighted key focus areas, including infrastructure development, regulatory frameworks, and safety protocols. Mrs. Barrie underscored the importance of fostering partnerships and knowledge exchange to strengthen the aviation landscape in Sierra Leone and contribute to the overall progress of the region.

The engagement with the ICAO Western and Central Africa Office served as a platform for Sierra Leone to showcase its ambitions in the aviation sector and seek support for implementing initiatives that align with global best practices. The dialogue aimed at fostering a collaborative environment, where Sierra Leone can benefit from the expertise and guidance of the ICAO, ensuring sustainable growth and safety in its aviation industry.

This diplomatic outreach underscores Sierra Leone’s proactive approach to international collaboration, positioning the nation as an active participant in shaping the future of civil aviation within the African continent.