The Bank of Sierra Leone (BSL) issued a strong warning today against an online entity called “SUPER ADVERTIS” that is illegally soliciting investments through mobile money platforms.

The BSL emphasized that it has not licensed SUPER ADVERTIS for any financial activity, and engaging with them for investments poses a real risk to the public’s finances.

According to the BSL’s public notice, SUPER ADVERTIS appears to be enticing individuals to invest in a secretive financial scheme using mobile money platforms, which involves accepting deposits from the public. However, the BSL clarifies that “SUPER ADVERTIS” operates without the necessary license, making their operations illegal and potentially fraudulent.

The BSL urged the public to exercise extreme caution and refrain from any financial transactions with SUPER ADVERTIS. To ensure their safety, the BSL advised everyone to verify the presence of a valid BSL-issued license displayed in the premises of any financial institution before engaging in any transaction.

The BSL’s warning extends to all similar unlicensed businesses operating in Sierra Leone. The notice stresses that such illegal schemes pose a significant threat to the stability and safety of the nation’s financial system.

This timely intervention by the BSL highlights the growing concern over unregulated financial activities, particularly those targeting mobile money users. As mobile money transactions become increasingly popular, ensuring user protection and preventing fraudulent schemes remains a crucial challenge for financial authorities across Africa.

The BSL’s public notice serves as a wake-up call for Sierra Leoneans, urging them to prioritize caution and due diligence when considering any investment opportunity, especially if it involves mobile money or operates outside the official financial system.