Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) unveils two new beverages aimed at catering to a wide array of consumer tastes and lifestyles, further enhancing their beverage offerings.

ZAGG ENERGY – A Boost for an Unconventional Lifestyle

The newly introduced Zagg Energy drink seeks to redefine the energy drink experience. This distinct beverage is a fusion of invigorating malt infused with powerful energy bursts. Crafted for individuals who embrace life’s challenges in their unique way, Zagg Energy aims to revitalize and empower consumers tackling the demands of daily life.

According to Mr. Olufunmilayo Ogunbodede, Marketing Manager at SLBL, “Zagg was designed to aid consumers in coping with the daily hustle. Whether it’s mental or physical exertion, Zagg aims to help maintain energy levels amidst the challenges of adulthood.”

MALTINA PINEAPPLE – Adding a Tropical Twist to Refreshment

Expanding their renowned Maltina range, SLBL introduces Maltina Pineapple, a flavorful deviation from the classic favorite. Infused with the exotic essence of pineapple, this new variant promises the familiar wholesome goodness of Maltina coupled with a burst of tropical refreshment. Ogunbodede explained, “The pineapple variant offers a fresh take on the nutritious Maltina, appealing to a diverse range of consumer tastes.”

Both Zagg Energy and Maltina Pineapple will be available nationwide starting November 27th, 2023, accessible at various wholesale and retail outlets across Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone Brewery Limited aims to cater to evolving consumer preferences by providing a diverse range of refreshing beverage options for every occasion.