In a bid to revolutionize the gaming experience for its patrons, Sierra Leone’s renowned betting company, Elephant Bet, has officially declared significant alterations in the nomenclature of its lottery games.

Through an official press release, Elephant Bet expressed its enthusiasm for making the lotto games more engaging and rewarding for its valued players.

Effective November 30, 2023, the betting giant will implement a renaming strategy aimed at refining and optimizing the lotto markets, specifically to ensure a more beneficial and enjoyable experience for participants engaging in their 5/90 Lotto.

The decision to alter the names of these lottery games stems from an extensive survey conducted among its clientele. Elephant Bet has emphasized that this change is an outcome of its commitment to better cater to the preferences and desires of the community of players it serves.

Furthermore, the company underscored its perpetual dedication to enhancing its services, aiming to present an even more captivating lotto offering while providing increased opportunities for players to secure winning outcomes.

For further updates and comprehensive details regarding these transformative changes, players are encouraged to visit Elephant Bet’s official website at

The alteration in the names of these lotto games by Elephant Bet signifies a strategic move geared towards augmenting customer satisfaction and engagement, promising an exciting evolution in the realm of lottery gaming experiences in Sierra Leone.