In a bid to address customer confusion, Elephant Bet Sierra Leone has issued a statement alerting its clientele that the hotline number ‘747’ is dedicated exclusively to Elephant Bet’s customer service and is not intended for any other purposes.

The company expressed concerns over Super Advertis allegedly directing their disgruntled customers to Elephant Bet’s designated customer support line. This misdirection has resulted in an inundation of calls to Elephant Bet from individuals seeking assistance related to Super Advertis, causing disruptions to their regular customer service operations.

We’ve noticed an increasing number of discontented calls flooding our customer service line, attributing their grievances to Super Advertis,” a representative from Elephant Bet stated. “We want to unequivocally clarify to the public that Elephant Bet maintains no affiliation with Super Advertis. (Zolpidem) Our toll-free line, 747, is solely designated for addressing Elephant Bet’s customer concerns and cannot assist in matters pertaining to Super Advertis.

The company urges its customers and the public to use the designated channels provided by Super Advertis for their inquiries or concerns related to their services.

Elephant Bet emphasized their commitment to providing seamless customer service solely for their own clientele and urged cooperation from all parties involved to prevent further confusion and inconvenience.