Sierra Leone’s esteemed betting company, Elephant Bet Lotto, stands as a beacon of transparency in the country’s lottery scene, offering one of the most meticulously conducted lotto draws.

The daily 5/90 Lottery draws, spanning seven days a week, encompass six draws each day from Monday to Sunday, held at precise intervals – 10:00am, 12:00pm, 1:30pm, 3:00pm, 4:30pm, and 6:00pm.

The day commences with the Elephant Bet special draw at 10:00am, followed by the Diamond Elephant Bet draw at 12:00pm. Afternoon draws unfold with the “Kailondo draw” at 1:30pm and “Betteh Don Kam draw” at 3:00pm. Concluding the day are the “Ndawo” draw at 4:30pm and the “Big Bonana” draw at 6:00pm.

Setting itself apart, Elephant Bet Lotto offers an impressive 15 chances to win, doubling the opportunities provided by other competing companies, which typically offer only seven chances. Moreover, to ensure an uninterrupted draw, Elephant Bet Lotto operates on a generator, circumventing any potential disruptions from the local electricity grid (EDSA).

At the heart of their draw process lies a Saturn machine containing 90 balls, serving as the random number picker using 2D physics engine simulation. Each draw possesses its own specialized machine, assuring both transparency and efficacy in the selection of winning numbers.

Supervised by a team of diligent professionals working independently, the draw process begins promptly at the specified time without any delays. The sequence of the draw unfolds methodically:

The 90 balls are lowered into the Saturn machine, which is then activated, initiating the mixing of the balls.
The first five balls emerging signify the winning numbers, released by a device called the “audience.”

The subsequent five balls form the “extra 5.”
A further 75 balls are allowed to exit, leaving the remaining five balls as the “machine numbers.”

The winning numbers, extra five, and machine numbers are announced based on their order of emergence from the machine.
Crucially, the entire process operates autonomously once the machine is switched on, ensuring credibility and immunity from manipulation.

Post-draw, a specialist meticulously records the sequence of all 90 balls as they emerge, enabling customers to access this data for forecasting purposes, contributing to a more informed lottery experience. Elephant Bet Lotto’s commitment to transparency and integrity in their draw process underscores their position as a trustworthy betting company within Sierra Leone’s gaming landscape.