A recent World Bank Food Security Update has ranked Sierra Leone top in the list of countries to have recorded the highest Price Inflation in West Africa.

The study covers a period of three months starting from March to June 2023.

Awoko Newspaper reported that Sierra Leone is at the apex after Nominal Food Inflation surged to a new peak of 58 percent. The West African nation surpasses its previous peak which was 56 percent.

The new data shows that Sierra Leone is at the top alongside West African neighbours, Ghana.

According to World Bank, the calculations include the use of Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the overall data of the CPI.

Experts have said that the country’s food inflation is affecting the majority of low and middle income earners.

The government acknowledged that the country is undergoing one of its worst economic shocks due to the protracted effect of the Ukraine war and other factors.

Most of the countries affected by food inflation are in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Venezuela ranked top of the list in World Nominal Food Inflation with a score of 414 while Zimbabwe leads in Real Food Inflation with a score of 80.

Sierra Leone scores 58 in Nominal Food Inflation and 13 in Real Food Inflation.