On February 14th, 2024, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Sierra Leone painted its Offices orange with a vibrant celebration of Valentine’s Day, themed “Boku Boku Love.” The festivities climaxed with a grand finale at the Head Office in Freetown, marking a day filled with camaraderie, appreciation, and joy among staff members.

The anticipation for the event began a week prior, as employees were encouraged to add a touch of orange to their attire, symbolizing the “Orange love” they share for one another. But the celebration didn’t stop there; GTBank Sierra Leone went above and beyond to make this Valentine’s Day truly special for its staff.

Leading up to February 14th, branches were organized into batches, with each batch participating in a unique Valentine’s Day activity. Staff members from each branch had the opportunity to randomly select a colleague’s name, who would then become their designated Valentine for the occasion. This initiative fostered a sense of connection and camaraderie among coworkers, as they became “Valentine couples” for the duration of the celebration.

Throughout the week, these Valentine couples were encouraged to indulge in acts of kindness and appreciation, whether it be treating each other to lunch or exchanging flowers as tokens of affection. Additionally, each branch came together to select their “best couple,” who would represent them in the bank wide “best couple” competition.

The highlight of the celebration was the exchange of Valentine’s gifts during a grand finale and town hall meeting at the Bank’s Head Office. Staff members exchanged heartfelt tokens of appreciation, spreading love and positivity throughout the organization.

In addition to the Valentine’s Day festivities, GTBank Sierra Leone also took the opportunity to recognize the dedication and commitment of its long-serving staff members. Certificates for Long Service Awards were presented, honoring individuals for their years of service and contribution to the bank’s success.

Sharing his thoughts during the occasion, the Bank CEO/Managing Director, Mr. Ade Adebiyi touted the Bank for its commitment to employee empowerment. He noted that GTBank continues to empower employees by building a conducive environment for fun, creativity and innovation. “As we continue to serve our customers with the best financial service in Sierra Leone, it is necessary to recognize our staff who have excelled in our various pillars of focus. That is why we encourage each staff to give off their best by being an employer of choice” he said.

Speaking to Sierraloaded, Clifford Turay, a staff of the bank expressed gratitude and appreciation for the management’s efforts in organizing such a memorable celebration. He shared his happiness and expressed desire for this tradition of love and appreciation to continue for years to come.