Are you eager to learn how to deposit and withdraw on Elephant Bet, Sierra Leone’s leading betting company? Look no further; your worries are over! Here’s how to deposit and withdraw on Elephant Bet Sierra Leone using Orange and Africell

Deposit Process

Navigate to the Elephant Bet website

with your chrome browser and log in to your account.
Locate and click on the “Deposit” option.

Insert Amount and Choose Network: Enter the amount you want to deposit.

Choose either “ORANGE” or “AFRICELL” as your preferred network.

Activate Bonus and Proceed Payment: If there’s a bonus available, activate it. Click on “PROCEED PAYMENT.”


Provide Phone Number and Token: Insert your ORANGE or AFRICELL phone number.

Enter the token provided by ORANGE (if applicable).
Click on “Deposit.”


Withdrawal Process (Using Africell)
Click on the space next to Register

Scroll down to my profile

In “MY PROFILE,” insert your AFRICELL PHONE NUMBER in the personal information section.
Scroll down and click on “SAVE CHANGES.”
Initiate Withdrawal: Scroll up and click on “MENU.” Select “WITHDRAWALS.”

Insert the withdrawal amount.
In the payment account section, choose “AFRICELL.”
Click on “WITHDRAWAL.”

Proceed Payment:




Withdrawal Process (Using Orange Money)



Access Withdrawal Section:

Click on the provided link for withdrawals.
Enter Withdrawal Details:



Complete Withdrawal:

Insert the withdrawal amount.
In the payment account section, select “ORANGE MONEY.”
Click on “WITHDRAWAL.”









Check Confirmation: Check the message sent by ORANGE MONEY for confirmation.

By following these steps, you can easily manage your deposits and withdrawals on Elephant Bet using either ORANGE or AFRICELL, ensuring a smooth and secure gaming experience.