CTC Mining Sierra Leone Limited (Ltd.) has achieved a significant milestone by transporting its first 50 tons of Bauxite to Pepel Port for exportation.ย 

This was made possible after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kingho Railway and Port (KRP) on March 17, 2023. KRP, a subsidiary of the Leone Rock Metal Group (LRMG), operates the railway and Pepel Port.

The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of CTC Mining Sierra Leone Limited (Ltd.), Mr. Salim Sillah expressed his pride in the collaboration between two mining companies of different entities for the economic development of Sierra Leone.

He credited the Sierra Leonean government for designing the agreement in a way that enables companies to expand the capacity of the Railway and Port, making it accessible to multiple users through commercial agreements with third-party users.

After the successful completion of the first shipment, KRP and CTC will collaborate to develop a plan for CTC to export more shipments. However, Bauxite and Iron Ore cannot be handled together due to technical difficulties and possible contamination of Iron Ore grade by Bauxite. Hence, a short-term plan has been implemented to avoid such issues.

Leone Rock Metal Group has been engaging mining operators along the railway corridor to develop similar mutual commercial agreements that will benefit all companies, the government, and the people of Sierra Leone.

The signing of the MOU between KRP and CTC Sierra Leone Ltd initially faced skepticism but has since been implemented with several engagements with communities along the haulage road.

CTC has recruited youths from the communities along the haulage road to control traffic during the entry and exit of heavy-duty trucks.

Both companies are committed to implementing high safety and environmental standards to mitigate hazards and incidents during the haulage.

KRP’s Port Manager, Mr. Karlson, congratulated CTC on their first shipment and reiterated the company’s commitment to loading the agreed 175,000 Tons in May 2023 for the export of the first Bauxite consignment from CTC operational mine.