In a significant bid to make fuel accessible in hard to reach areas, NP SL Ltd has commissioned the first fuel station in Zimmi Makpele Chiefdom, Pujehun District, Southern Sierra Leone.

The new Filling Station named Abyei Gas Station is strategically located along the Liberia Border highway to facilitate the provision of Fuel for residents with Chiefdom aims to address the longstanding challenge of fuel scarcity in the region.

Representing the Paramount Chief of Makpele Chiefdom, Bintu M. Jalloh expressed gratitude for the commissioning of the station. She highlighted the struggles the chiefdom has been facing for far too long due to their dependence on a single filling station over the years. However, she expressed strong optimism that the new station will alleviate there sufferings.

She highlighted the community’s reliance on a single filling station over the years, causing inconvenience for residents of which she expressed optimism that with the new filling station commissioned those constrains will become a thing of the past.

Speaking on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer of the filling station, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Lahai Sandi Koroma, expressed gratitude to community stakeholders and NP-Sierra Leone for their unwavering support throughout the project’s duration.
He highlighted the commitment of the CEO, who is currently serving with the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei in Sudan, to invest in Sierra Leone by establishing filling stations across the country.

Lahai Sandi Koroma noted that the CEO has already completed two filling stations, one in Bo Township and the newly commissioned station in Zimmi, with another station nearing completion in Gendema, scheduled for commissioning by year-end.

He emphasized that the new station has provided job opportunities for residents of Zimmi and surrounding areas, addressing the longstanding issue of fuel scarcity in the locality.
Lahai Sandi Koroma assured the availability of petroleum products at the station and also urged residents to take ownership of the filling station, emphasizing its benefits not only for his family but also for the majority of Zimmi’s residents and beyond.

Assuring the Resident of quality service delivery, Chief Executive Officer of NP-Sierra Leone Limited (NP SL-Ltd) Kobi Waker assured residents of Zimmi that the newly commissioned NP-SL Filling Station will effectively address the issue of fuel shortage, making it a thing of the past. He emphasized that the commissioning of the new filling station signifies growth and increased sales for the company.
Walker reiterated that the new filling station will not only ensure the availability of fuel at all times but also provide job opportunities for local residents. He highlighted that this initiative aligns with one of the government’s key agendas of creating 500,000 jobs for young people in the country.

Furthermore, Walker emphasized the company’s commitment to empowering local entrepreneurs and contributing to nation-building by facilitating easy access to petroleum products. He encouraged others to follow the example set by Lahai Sandi Koroma, the CEO of the filling station, who despite residing abroad, has demonstrated his love for the country by establishing fuel stations in Bo, Zimmi, and the nearing completion one in Gendema.

Walker urged residents to take ownership of the new filling station by supporting it through patronage.
Officer in Charge, Zimmi Police Station, Inspector Juldeh Jalloh, expressed appreciation to NP-Sierra Leone Limited, (NP-SL Ltd) for the construction of the newly filling station in Zimmi adding that this has changed the face of Zimmi noting that such an investment is not only important but timely for the people of Zimmi and it environs.

He also encouraged members of the public to see the investment as their own and stated that in that regard they are watchdogs for NP-SL. Inspector Jalloh assured all of their security presence in the filling station in fulfilment of their mandate as a Force for Goodto protects life and properties.

Vandi Mansaray, a bike Rider of Zimmi expressed appreciation to NP-SL for commissioning the Filling Station, noting that as` bike riders they have been faced with a lot of constraints in securing fuel furthering that they had to go Bo to secure fuel but said with this new NP-SL Filling Station in Zimmi it will surely address those fuel constraints in that part of the country.

The event was climaxed by the official unveiling of the new Filling Station bythe Chief Executive Officer of NP-Sierra Leone Limited, (NP SL-Ltd), Kobi Walker, the Paramount Chief of Makpele Chiefdom representative, Bintu M. Jalloh and other stakeholders of Zimmi.

Pujehun district is in the Southern Province and third largest district in the country. It borders the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest, the Republic of Liberia to the southeast, Kenema district to the northeast, Bo district to the north and Bonthe district to the west.