In its strive to become a green friendly Bank, RCBank celebrated its 4th anniversary of their Tree Planting Project at Petifu Kangalop, Masiaka on 27th July, 2023.

RCBank Limited is committed towards protecting and preserving the environment.
The theme for this year’s celebration which attracted hundreds of guests and Community residents is: “Plant more trees, keep your environment pollution-free.”

The Chief Executive Officer /Founder of Shout Climate Change Africa (SCCA) Finnex John Asibor, recognizes RCBank Sierra Leone as one of the corporate institutions that have made conscious efforts to protect the environment.

Speaking on the rationale behind the Tree Planting Project, Managing Director Dr. Ekundayo Gilpin states “Because of the increase human pressure on the natural resources that includes mining, charcoal burning, firewood, illicit logging etc, that are harmful to the environment which leave the country to susceptible drought and excessive heat, I thought of this soundly and contacted my team members to embark on tree planting project that will alleviate the susceptible risk to the environment. We leased the land and partnered with Keeping Hope Alive (KHA) for the cleaning, maintenance, monitoring the health of trees and ensuring a friendly environment and for KHA to also advise us on key matters pertaining to the health and maintenance of the trees.

The tree planting project and arrangements initially started in early weeks of June, 2019 and because of the arrangements to get dignitaries, the first tree planting exercise commenced on the 5th of July 2019 after the clearing, cleaning and erection of our signpost and billboards.

The first tree planting exercise was colorful, memorable and remarkable with the presence of several dignitaries, and today we are thinking of them for their great contribution towards the success of this project, though most people that were present at that time are also here with us. However, there will also come a time when, some other people will remember us for our own contributions

He further revealed that following the successful launch of the tree planting project in 2019, management discussed and agreed that the second phase should be “stop and plan a tree” that will encourage commuters to alight and walk to the site and plant a seedling, and that was schedule for a week, starting 22nd January 2020 till Friday 25th January, 2020. As this was seen as the first anniversary, the program was also a success to the drive and objectives of the bank.

He added that they have plans to construct a Botanical Garden at the site that will showcase wildlife, rare species and a better knowledge of the world at large. He called on Sierra Leoneans to be united like the Pine Trees in North America. He described the trees to be very tall with roots about 2ft down with interconnected roots underground that make them resistant to wind, storms, flood because they connect orderly. Pine Trees are easily recognized by most people, and very successful in maintaining solid and valuable stands.

Madam Lovetta Yatta Juana representing the Environmental Protection Agency Congratulates RCBank together with keeping Hope Alive for this great initiative. She emphasized the importance of the Tree Planting Project to Climate Change. She confirmed that Sierra Leone is a party to the Paris agreement that requires the members to make efforts to reduce the greenhouse gas in the country.

Representative of all the 14 commercial Bank’s in the country, Madam Shola Taylor Pierce, Congratulates RCBank on behalf of all the13 Managing Directors. She encapsulates that “The Message today is thank RCBank because they have placed a very good seed on the ground. 4 years ago I was here and the tree I planted is now taller than me. The power of a seed is what our MD spoke about – the Pine Tree, tall as it is; its roots never go deep down because the roots are intertwined. Together everyone achieving much and; that is what Sierra Leone Association of Commercial Bank is all about, headed by your very own MD Dr. Walton E. Gilpin”

Mrs. Jajua, Head of RCBank Marketing Unit, thanked the Invitees, security forces, Keeping Hope Alive Community, Residents and Staff of RCBank . She acknowledged that without their efforts the Project will not be successful.

The tree planting project would be a positive way of making the right impact in this area for people living in this community, that will not only benefit the people of this vicinity, but also those that are using this route and those coming to visit the site. The project is also parts of RCBank efforts to protect our planet  and commitment to reduce the Carbon Foot print in the Environment.