On May 3rd, 2023, Rokel Commercial Bank (RCBank), Sierra Leone’s top financial institution, presented the grand prize to the Simkorpor Merchant Services winners at their Charlotte Street Head Office in Freetown.

The lucky winner received a 32-inch smart TV.

Mrs. Kezia Salankole, Head of RCBank SimKorpor, stated that it is the bank’s responsibility to give back to its customers and that the promotion is intended to demonstrate their commitment to digital banking.

She expressed hope that the winner would inspire other customers who are reluctant to use technology to take advantage of RCBank’s secure technological offerings.

Emile Sannah, Head of Operations, RCBank Sim Korpor, praised the bank’s promotion of digital technology and stated that digitization is essential for the growth of the Sierra Leonean economy.

“The Simkorpor service is an example of this,” he explained. “The winner, (Ibrahim Kabba), won because of his consistent use of the Simkorpor service.”

Babymay Kanu, Merchant Recruitment Officer at RCBank, encouraged the winner and other customers to continue using the Simkorpor service for transactions, emphasizing that it can be used anywhere to pay for goods and services easily.

Kabba, a businessman who has been an RCBank customer for more than 20 years, expressed his gratitude towards RCBank and promised to continue using the Simkorpor service.

He stated that his win was not because of personal connections, but rather due to his consistent use of the Simkorpor service, noting that he has been utilizing the Simkorpor service to pay for goods and services at various locations, including supermarkets.

Kabba previously won a prize during Ramadan, consisting of provisions and a water bottle. He mentioned that he was pleasantly surprised when he received a call from the bank notifying him of his grand prize win. He expressed his joy and encouraged the public to open an account with RCBank and take advantage of the Simkorpor service.

Before the final draw, ten winners received prizes for four weeks, as part of a promotion aimed at showcasing the bank’s digital presence.