Rokel Commercial Bank (formerly Barclays Bank of Sierra Leone) is one of the leading Banking institutions in Sierra Leone in terms of digital financial services.

RCBank was established in 1917 as Barclays Bank DCO with 100% shares owned by the parent company. The rationale behind the move was to encourage Sierra Leoneans to Participate as owners and develop confidence in the Bank. Named after the longest river in Sierra Leone, Rokel Commercial bank remains the gateway to banking in the country.

RCBank Simkorpor Plus Application and Internet Banking have resulted in the transformation of the digital landscape and brought unprecedented convenience to Sierra Leoneans for their financial transactions.

Dr. Walton E. Gilpin; RC Bank Managing Director, reaffirmed the commitment of management to comply with the Bank of Sierra Leone Prudential Guidelines and to position RCB as the preferred banking institution in Sierra Leone. ‘’it is going to be the people’s bank with branches operating in other parts of the sub region.

CREATING A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE – enable business units to drive financial inclusion and economic growth in Sierra Leone digital journey
The Bank is a Center of Excellence within Sierra Leone Financial Industry which operates with principles of empowering business units and facilitating financial transactions to drive growth in the financial Industry and the economy.

With RCBank Internet Banking, customers can automatically Pay their Bills Super fast with Online Banking Services.

The Process is Simple to pay for goods and services using Sim Korpor: Just Use the QR Code Function to Scan RCBank QR Codes at Supermarkets, restaurants, markets, Hospitals, bars, and more . Alternatively, you can use the Institutional payment option to make payment.
Customers accounts are automatically credited or debited for each deposit, making it easy to stay on track.

The introduction of the Rokel Sim Korpor Plus Application marked not only a significant milestone for the bank but also for Sierra Leone as a whole.

During an interview with the head of RCBank Sim Korpor department Mrs. Kezia Salankole emphasized how RCBank’s Simkorpor department has transformed the digital landscape and brought unprecedented convenience to Sierra Leoneans for their financial transactions.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the bank has empowered people to perform secure and seamless transactions from the comfort of their own homes or wherever they may be,” she said.
A standout accomplishment that Mrs. Salankole proudly shared was the expansion of the RCBank Simkorpor department, which can now boast of over 200 agency banking locations spread throughout the country. “This achievement is a testament to RCBank’s dedication to serving the needs of its customers and bringing innovative solutions closer to them,” she noted.

Mrs. Salankole acknowledged that customer orientation played a pivotal role in their success.
RCBank’s customer-centric approach ensures that every decision made by the bank is geared towards enhancing customer satisfaction. This dedication to customer service has been the driving force behind the success of their flagship program, the Simkorpor Service, which was initiated by their Managing Director, Dr. Gilpin.

Reflecting on the impact of the Simkorpor Service, Mrs. Salankole explained that it has become the bank’s digital icon, enabling customers to conduct various transactions, such as paying for goods and services, handling third-party services, and paying bills from anywhere they are located.
“This has facilitated financial inclusiveness, increased access to finance, and reduced costs for individuals, contributing to the growth of Sierra Leone’s economy,” she said.

While celebrating their achievements, Mrs. Salankole acknowledged the challenges they faced in promoting digital services, particularly in overcoming resistance from individuals not yet accustomed to using such technologies. However, RCBank’s dedicated marketing teams have been actively raising awareness among the masses, making strides to bridge the digital divide and encourage the adoption of their services.

Regarding security measures, Mrs. Salankole assured customers that the Sim Korpor Service incorporates robust security features. Transactions are protected by two-factor authentication and encrypted end-to-end to ensure maximum safety. However, she also emphasized the importance for customers to protect their phones with passwords and remain vigilant about their device security.

As RCBank continues to expand its digital footprint, the Simkorpor department’s success is a testament to the bank’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. With over 200 agency banking locations nationwide, RCBank is poised to further drive financial inclusion and economic growth in Sierra Leone.