One of Sierra Leone’s leading financial institutions, Rokel Commercial Bank has issued a Communiqué from the National Symposium on Cybersecurity and Financial Inclusion Organized by the RCBank and EST Applied Intelligence (UK) On the 22nd February 2024 at the Freetown City Council Auditorium.

The event which attracted over 500 participants from financial Institutions, MDAS, the private sector, educational institutions, security agencies etc, was part of the bank’s contribution towards the strengthening and or establishment of a robust cybersecurity capability in Sierra Leone.

The symposium was immediately followed by a working breakfast where a smaller group of carefully selected participants from RCBank and other relevant institutions further deliberated to identify six key variables that subsequently became the communique for the RCBank National Symposium on Cybersecurity and Financial Inclusion in Sierra Leone. These are as follows:

1) Increased awareness of the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape and the importance of proactive measures to mitigate risks.

2) Enhanced understanding of best practices, frameworks and strategies for safeguarding digital assets and infrastructure including sensitive customer data

3) Strengthened professional connections and collaboration opportunities within the financial services, defence, national security and wider cybersecurity communities

4) Formation of the first ever Cybersecurity Tiger Group in Sierra Leone for cross sector collaboration and capacity building.

5) Formation of the first ever Financial Services Cybersecurity Chapter in Sierra Leone The Gilpin Chapter

6) Formation of the first ever Defence Cybersecurity Chapter in Sierra Leone – The Lavahun Chapter.

The Management of the Bank  further express their immense gratitude to our distinguished guests, esteemed speakers, panelists, media representatives, and partners for their invaluable support and contributions. Your expertise and dedication significantly enriched the symposium and breakfast experience and contributed to its success. They also extend a special thank you to the organizing committee and volunteers whose hard work and dedication made these events possible.

Your tireless efforts behind the scenes were instrumental in ensuring a seamless and impactful symposium and breakfast. As we reflect on the insights shared and connections made during the symposium and breakfast, let us continue to collaborate and innovate in the field of cyber security. Together, we can strengthen our defences, adapt to evolving threats, and build a more secure and resilient digital ecosystem. We encourage you to stay connected with us and secure and resilient digital ecosystem. They encourage all participants to stay connected with them and each other, whether through professional networks, follow-up discussions, or future collaborative initiatives,”the communiqué states.

The Bank urge for all to harness the momentum generated by the African Banker’s symposium and breakfast to drive positive change and advance cyber security excellence.