In a strategic move towards appreciating the good work of its Agents and Customers, RCBank has held a Public Lecture and an Award ceremony for its customers and Simkorpor Agents for their outstanding contributions towards the development of the Bank on Friday, 11th August 2023, at the D’ Bim D’ Bam Hall Wellington Street, Freetown.

Mrs. Kezia Salankole, Head of Simkorpor at RCBank, pointed out that the award ceremony is in line with the  Celebration of Simkorpor 5 years Journey. In commemoration of the event,  she further revealed  that they have looked at their journey, picked out the best of their customers and Partners that have helped them through their five-year  trajectory of Success.


Chairman of the Programme, Mr. Aruna Dumbuya pointed out in his Public Lecture that the Bank Prioritizes financial literacy in a bid to enhance customers Protection. He affirmed that over the years, the leadership of RCBank have been doing public Lectures at Universities and in Public Places both national and International.

He added that as a bank, they have seen how climate Change and environmental issues are impacting the world,  and they  recently celebrated  their 4th anniversary of tree Planting Project at Petifu Masiaka on 27th July 2023 in a bid to become a green friendly Bank. He added that RCBank Limited is also committed towards protecting and preserving the environment.

The Managing Director Dr.  Ekundayo Gilpin revealed that as a bank they are on a Journey, a path towards digital exploit in Sierra Leone. He admitted that he has been a customer and also experienced financial inclusion in other countries which he believes can be replicated in Sierra Leone. This led to his recognition that there was a gap in digital Banking as far as expectations and deliverables are concerns in in the country. In 2017, he realized that Sierra Leonean bank can take the lead.

When I came back in 2017, I saw an opportunity to make this happen in Sierra Leone and I believe that despite the presence of Nigerian banks, Sierra Leonean Banks, we can take the lead.  I believe 5 years down the line, we have been able to make big input. We have been able to support financial transactions to vulnerable people, thousands around the world, right now we are working along with the Orange, Africell and other Teleco companies. We are piggy banking on the policies and the variables coming from the regulators. We are strongly part of the National switch and strongly part of the financial Inclusion that is being read out by the central Bank” Dr. Gilpin stated.

Representing the Ministry of Finance, Acting Director of Research and Delivery Division, Alhaji Abu Komeh expressed appreciation to the management of RCbank for giving them the opportunity to deliver a statement on digitalization in financial transactions.

He pointed out that this event marks an important milestone in emphasizing the financial sector’s role in enabling economic transactions, financial Inclusion, Facilitating trade, creating employment and contributing to inclusive economic growth.

He further admitted that in this age of globalization, rapid expansions on the use of green technology and innovative business approaches, the world has keep on providing digital financial services which is now a game changer in low income countries like Sierra Leone.

He affirmed that beyond, the traditional financial services offered by commercial Banks such as Account opening and credit facilities, digital financial services has become a great way to reach financially excluded communities.
RCBank recently unveiled five new kiosks as part of its Agency Banking Initiative, strategically placed at Mile 91, Rutile , and Lunsar, Kambia and Port Loko as a Key component of the bank’s vision to foster accessibility and streamline financial Processes in Sierra Leone.

As the programme climaxed with the presentation of awards, distinguish customers and Agents Praised the management of RCBank for acknowledging their roles and contributions towards the successful operations of the Bank.