The Regional Criminal Investigations Department of the Sierra Leone Police in the Southern Region is currently investigating three suspects on allegations of unlawful possession of household materials in Bo.

According to a Police source, they received intelligence and proactively went to the scene where three suspects were arrested with unknown persons.

A-Z Newspaper reports that Moses Bull is the lead investigator attached to the Regional CID who said that “we were on duty on Sunday, 7 August 2002 at 77:00hrs, a concerned citizen came to the police station to report that he saw three suspects along Dambala Road in Bo with assorted items that they were not satisfied with and wanted to the police to interrogate them.”

He said they went to the scene and saw the suspects namely Sulaiman Massaquoi, Alie Kamara and Lansana Conteh had earlier begun transactions by selling the different assorted materials in their vehicle including a glass plate, plasma, decoder, rugs and drugs.

“We intercepted and asked them where they got the items from and they told us that they are from Freetown and came to sell those items in Bo”, Bull said.

He added that the suspects gave them conflicting information that was not satisfactory, while one of them was saying one sheriff in Lumley in Freetown gave them the items for sale but the other suspect said that one Sheriff a shop owner at Regent Road in Freetown gave them the items to sale.

He added “We try to get on to the Mr. Sheriff but his phone was switched off and the suspects are now in our custody helping us in our investigations,” said Investigator.