In a vibrant display of technological prowess, Rokel Commercial Bank (RCB), Sierra Leone’s premier banking institution, orchestrated a lively floating parade on Saturday, February 10, 2024.

The parade, stretching from the up-gun turn table to the bank’s headquarters on Siaka Stevens Street in Freetown, aimed to sensitize the public about the bank’s digital products and their myriad benefits to customers.

The well-attended event saw a convergence of senior and junior bank staff, accompanied by a multitude of media personnel, navigating the streets of Freetown to disseminate information on RCB’s digital offerings. The parade was adorned with the sounds of Sierra Leonean music and the lively bubu dance, providing entertainment for both staff and onlookers while effectively conveying the bank’s message.

In a Brief statement Dr. Walton Gilpin, Managing Director of RCB, expressed enthusiasm about the event, stating, “This is the beginning of more things to come. The float is also a way of celebrating the banking sector and educating customers and the public about banking in a new and unique way.” Gilpin emphasized that the massive float parade served as a comprehensive awareness initiative for everyone to acquaint themselves with the bank.

Dr.Gilpin highlighted the bank’s commitment to digitalization, showcasing initiatives such as ATM cardless transactions, issuance of Visa Prepaid Cards, and the integration of services like SIMKorpor and EKorpor. These advancements, he noted, streamline tasks, enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and expedite processing times.

Expressing gratitude to the dedicated staff, Gilpin assured that RCB would extend its sensitization efforts nationwide, ensuring every Sierra Leonean gains a comprehensive understanding of digital banking, cybersecurity, and the benefits of going cashless.

Director of Credit Risk Management, Mrs. Milicent Cole, added that the mass marketing campaign aimed to provide insight into the bank’s digital systems and products. She affirmed that RCB’s outreach wouldn’t be confined to Freetown, as the bank plans to traverse the provinces, ensuring customers across the nation are well-informed.

Mrs. Cole hinted at future interactive activities, including Fun Days and sporting events for staff at RCB’s beach house in Goderich. Additionally, she revealed the bank’s commitment to promoting agriculture and other critical human capital development initiatives.

As Rokel Commercial Bank takes strides in digitization, their dynamic approach to public awareness underscores their dedication to embracing the digital era and ensuring every citizen is equipped with the knowledge to navigate the evolving landscape of modern banking.