Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) has issued a public statement on February 16th, 2024, to counter recent misinformation spreading across social media platforms. The statement refutes claims of job vacancies coupled with free accommodation, emphasizing that the circulating post is entirely false and holds no affiliation with SLBL.

The misleading post, which has gained traction on various social media platforms, falsely promotes job openings at SLBL, promising free accommodation. SLBL categorically denies any association with such claims, asserting that current job vacancies do not include complimentary accommodation packages as indicated in the viral post.

SLBL asserts that authentic job vacancies and related announcements are exclusively disseminated through the company’s official channels and platforms, such as the official SLBL website and verified Facebook page. Any recruitment process initiated outside of these official channels is deemed fraudulent and should be approached with skepticism.

Transparency and integrity are fundamental to SLBL’s operations, particularly in its recruitment practices. The company is committed to upholding these principles and ensuring that all prospective employees have access to accurate and reliable information regarding job opportunities. SLBL emphasizes the importance of individuals exercising caution and discernment when seeking employment with the company, urging them to rely solely on information provided through official channels.

In response to the deceptive social media post, SLBL calls upon the cooperation of the general public in combating misinformation. The company encourages individuals to promptly report any suspicious or misleading information pertaining to job vacancies at SLBL. By working together to identify and address false claims, SLBL aims to safeguard the interests of both job seekers and the integrity of its recruitment processes.

This proactive response underscores SLBL’s commitment to maintaining transparency, authenticity, and trustworthiness in all aspects of its operations. By swiftly addressing misinformation and clarifying the facts, SLBL reaffirms its dedication to fostering a fair and equitable recruitment environment for all prospective employees.

As the public remains vigilant against deceptive practices, SLBL stands firm in its commitment to providing genuine employment opportunities while safeguarding individuals from fraudulent schemes. With the continued support and cooperation of the community, SLBL remains steadfast in its mission to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in the brewing industry.