Spark Media, Sierra Leone’s top notch video production company based in Freetown, redefining the standards of quality and excellence has unveiled it top –notch Sydney studio in the heart of Cold Farm, Freetown on Sunday 2nd September 2023.

Speaking on the rationale behind naming the Facility as Sydney Studio, CEO of Spark Media, Joe L Aruna Confirmed Sydney Ebenezer Johnson was one of the founders of Spark Media and was a thriving entrepreneur with a promising talent. He acknowledges that Sydney made a mark in the media and film production Industry in Atlanta although his life and career was cut short by liver cancer in America. He described his friend as someone with a dedicated sense of fairness and humility on and off the set. The cutting of the ribbon was officially done by the mother of the late man.

He recalled that when he came back to Sierra Leone in 2019 and type Google all that comes up about the country is Negative Press and chaos. He admonished all those that have lived in the diaspora to come back home and contribute instead of complaining that the country is bad and they are not doing anything to change the narrative.

My own little way to change the narrative is to come back home and set up an entity like this to help change the narrative. The team that are selected I carefully selected them and so far they are young and dynamic and I’m really pleased with them” he stated.

The CEO confirmed that he has lived in the United States of America for the past 20 years and there are places in America without running water but these places will not appear on the movies or CNN. However, he affirmed that Sierra Leoneans are so focused to Promote negative image whether for political reasons or for any other reasons thereby creating a negative space. He emphasized that one way to change the narrative is for us all to make a conscious efforts to know that everything we put out is brand. ( He added that in future, he would like to see quality videos show up on the Internet whenever somebody type Sierra Leone not just from Spark Media but also from other media Outlets.

Foday Issadin Kamara , Co-founder of Spark Media expressed his excitement for the unveiling and appreciates the various guests for gracing the occasion. He described the studio as first class that seeks to redefine the meaning of excellence and quality. He revealed that their intention is not only to create a video that will inspire many but also videos that will tell the positive story of a country. He described Media as a very vital platform for restructuring of the county global image. He made an analogy that their CEO has lived in America, and  always tells them that America is not perfect but they can only show you what they want you to see So Spark Media can do the same for Sierra Leone.

He emphasized that quality comes with a Price and they are going to pay for it. He assured the audience that they are not here to do substandard works and that is why they have state of the art equipment that can give the best quality equivalent to whatever client can get in the USA, Nigeria and Ghana.
The unveiling was climaxed with a raffle draw where guests won smart TV, Fan , Tablets, Bag, Perfumes e.t.c

From captivating commercials to stunning documentaries, Spark Media has the expertise and passion to deliver exceptional services like Photography, Event Coverage, Printing, Videography, Graphics design, Branding and Broadcasting.