A prominent political commentator within Sierra Leone’s diaspora community, self-identifying as Adebayor, has issued a call for financial backing from fellow diaspora associations.

He asserts that this financial support is crucial for what he terms “the fight for the people of Sierra Leone.”

Adebayor’s focus has been primarily directed against the administration of President Bio since his ascent to power in 2018.

This sentiment was conveyed in a widely circulated video on various social media platforms. The footage portrays Adebayor in collaboration with fellow Sierra Leoneans, strategizing on methods to foster unity and raise funds to persist in their opposition against the president and the ruling SLPP government.

Adebayor emphasized the significance of unity among their ranks, suggesting that a united front could potentially lead to the downfall of incumbent politicians, a scenario they might seek to prevent.

He alluded to divisions even within the main opposition party, as some politicians appear resistant to this unity due to their indirect benefits.

Reportedly, the coalition includes Sierra Leonean members hailing from diverse countries in the diaspora, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

Adebayor underscored the necessity of pooling financial resources from within their community through personal contributions. He outlined their intention to host fundraising events and shows to amass the necessary funds for their ongoing campaign to champion the interests of their homeland.

Watch video below: