A Sierra Leonean-United based name Abraham has on his birthday experienced what he has never experienced during his time in Sierra Leone. Abraham has always been longing to have and enjoy what it really means to have a family that love and care for him. This dream of his was brought to life with the Walkers family. 

Joe Walker an American citizen, came to Sierra Leone to meet some of the neighborhood kids. He quickly fell in love with two brothers who soon became a part of their family.

Abraham and his older brother James, were adopted by the walker family at the end of October 2021. Their father, Joe Walker, took a trip down to Sierra Leone with his friend who started an orphanage there.

“it was their 10-year anniversary. And I wanted to go play with the kids. I wanted to see what was all,” Joe Walker said.

While over in Sierra Leone, Joe Walker said he played a lot of soccer and read a lot of books with the local kids. That’s where he first met James.

“James and I formed a really close bond,” Joe Walker said. The Walker family began sponsoring James and was able to Skype with him every month.

“So we were able to maintain a relationship,” Joe Walker said.

Unfortunately just six months later, as Joe Walker explained, James was forced out of the orphanage.

“But I got him a phone because I wanted to stay in touch,” Joe Walker explained. Joe Walker was able to meet James’ little brother Abraham when James went back to his village.

So the Walkers Facetimed the brothers every day for 30 days.

“And we knew that if they didn’t get back to the orphanage they were going to be put back on the streets,” Joe Walker said.  “And so we put a team together.”

Through that team, Joe Walker was able to get the two brothers reunited and sent back to the Raining Season Orphanage.

Joe Walker immediately hopped on a plane to Sierra Leone to visit James and Abraham.

“And by then we had formed this really special connected bond,” Joe Walker said. “And I came home from that trip and said to my wife, ‘I just feel like there’s more being asked of us.'”

Joe Walker and his wife Jamie Walker sat down with their four kids and discussed the possibility of adopting James and Abraham. It was an immediate and unanimous yes.

Then the pair asked the brothers if that was something they would be interested in.

“And we told them that they weren’t allowed to answer us that day,” Joe Walker said. “We asked him to think of all of the positive things and then to think of the things that would be really challenging and hard.”

It’s really, really fun,” Abraham said. “And getting used to the weather, the food and some of this stuff. It’s kind of a new experience for me. And it’s also nice.”

Joe and Jamie Walker said it’s amazing to watch the two brothers experience their “firsts” in America like car washes, Christmas and birthdays.

That’s where the viral video of the birthday celebration comes into play. Joe and Jamie Walker wanted to make sure Abraham’s first birthday cake in America was extra special.

When the cake came out, Abraham was unable to control his emotions. He was just overwhelmed with joy.

“It feels like a joyful in your life,” Abraham exclaimed. “Because that was my first birthday cake since I was born with my name.”

Abraham said back in Sierra Leone they don’t even celebrate their birthdays.

“So here that was my first birthday cake. And so it blew my mind when everybody was like close your eyes,” Abraham reminisced.

The viral video on Facebook has racked up more than 50,000 interactions and has earned over 700 comments.

When asked why they think the video is taking off the way it is, the Walkers said people are just looking for a little happiness right now amidst all of the bad news.

According to Abraham, this family is a dream come true as he has dreamt of having a family but God has not just given him any family but the perfect family that love him so much than he asked for.

Source: WCNC