Bubacarr Keita who is commonly called Bob Keita is born to a sierra Leonean mother and a Gambian father and they both lived in the Gambia.

Bob Keita was accused by his ex-wife of raping her younger sister who is a minor and the matter has been tried in court for over two years now.
Bob Keita is said to be an entrepreneur.

Over the years, Bob has been in police detention, knowing that he is innocent both Gambians and Sierra Leoneans rallied behind him for his freedom.

The matter has finally come to an end as the verdict has been passed and Bob Keita has been proven not guilty.
The lawyer went the extra mile to do a DNA test in Ghana which proved he is not the father of the child the wife claimed he is the father.

People are in a jubilant mood as they rally behind him from the court to his residence.

The judgment has left many mixed reactions as many are asking what the court is going to do to the woman.