Finnish Court Releases Sierra Leonean Rebel Leader on Trial For War Crimes

Sierra Leonean rebel leader, Gibril Massaquoi, who is standing trial in Finland for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in Liberia has been released from prison ahead of the verdict in his case, expected in coming months.

Massaquoi is facing trial under Finnish law. He is the first Sierra Leonean to stand such charges for an alleged role in Liberia’s two civil wars between December 1989-August 2003.

Massaquoi’s charges include rape, ritual murder and recruitment of child soldiers, which prosecutors say he committed during Liberia’s second civil war—charges he denies.

“Massaquoi has been imprisoned for approximately two years, which can be considered an exceptionally long period,” the Pirkanmaa District Court said in a statement on Wednesday.


The Court added: “Moreover, an exceptionally long period of almost 20 years has already elapsed since the alleged acts.”

Presiding Judge Juhani Paiho said in a WhatsApp message that his Court acted on the instructions of the Finnish Supreme Court.

“The Supreme Court in Finland has previously issued rulings that the general rule is that the accused should be released to await the verdict. He has been in detention for two years now. Possible crimes were committed almost 20 years ago. It was considered to be unfair to continue his detention taking into consideration human rights aspects… also we have to follow guidelines from our Supreme Court.”

The release of Massaquoi, 51, from prison will frustrate human rights campaigners. But Judge Paiho clarified that the decision to release him in no way reflected a decision on the part of the judges as to Massaquoi’s guilt or innocence. “This decision does not prejudice the coming verdict,” he said.

Judge Paiho said that Massaquoi is under no surveillance “He is not. So far, there has been no reason to have a risk of flight. Of course we can never say for sure. This was the assessment of the Court as a whole.”

Massaquoi served as an informant for the UN-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone, which prosecuted and sentenced former Liberian President Charles Taylor to 50 years in prison for aiding and abetting the rebels in the Sierra Leonean civil war, which killed an estimated 50,000 people.

The court found that Taylor supported the rebel group the Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone, with which Massaquoi he held several positions, including spokesman.

In exchange for his testimony Massaquoi was not prosecuted for his role in Sierra Leone and he and his family were relocated to Finland in 2008 in an arrangement with Special Court. But prosecutors there, working with two nonprofit NGOs – Swiss-based Civitas Maxima and its Liberian counterpart, Global Justice and Research Project – indicted him in March 2020. Massaquoi’s trial formally began in Finland in February 2021.



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