Prominent Sierra Leonean Journalist, Hassan Arouni is set to leave the British Broadcasting Cooperation as he retires from the Broad cast media house after 30 years of service.

Arouni Presented his last program, Focus on Africa today, 29th May 2023. Many of his listeners and collegue workers  have been paying tributes to his departure.

He is a broadcast journalist with over 30 years experience in radio production and presentation; skilled trainer and coach who run courses in Sierra Leone, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania.

Hassan has produced and presented flagship BBC radio programmes including Focus on Africa, Network Africa, the Sunday Programme on Radio 3 amongst others.

He has help developed programmes for women, good governance and accountability, and public health emergency – Ebola and Cholera in West Africa.

Hassan Arouni is also a skilled moderator who served as the first personality to have moderated Sierra Leone’s first ever presidential debate in 2018 elections and donor’s conference at the UN.