The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Sierra Leone in Lebanon has disclosed that they are investigating the deaths of five and two injured Sierra Leoneans in the Bouchrieh Dam region of the country.

The Consulate made this known in a press release issued today, 12 March 2023.

The Consulate stated that on March 11th, 2023, they were informed of a devastating fire in the Bouchrieh Dam region of Lebanon.

They added that five Sierra Leonean citizens tragically lost their lives in the incident, while two others are currently hospitalized in critical condition.

The consulate is working closely with both the Lebanese police and the Sierra Leonean Government to obtain a thorough report once investigations conclude. Additionally, a representative has been sent to monitor the condition of the two injured women,” they stated.

The Consulate wishes to reaffirm that it is currently in engagement with the authorities in Lebanon to ensure that the welfare of Sierra Leoneans in the country is guaranteed at all times,” they concluded.