A Sierra Leonean national has reportedly died in a landslide in a gold mine in Guinea.

The incident occurred in Kintinian in the Siguiri Prefecture in the northeastern part of Guinea.

Sources say the tragedy occurred on Wednesday, July 12, around 2pm.

The victim, identified as Alpha Kourouma, a 22-year-old, was buried after the approval of the competent authorities, according to a report by Guineematin.com, a Conakry based online news platform.

It said that a team of health workers and security agents visited the scene of the incident.

Dr. Aboubacar Bachir Conde, the head of the medical team dispatched by the prefectural hospital of Siguiri, confirmed the cause of death and the identity of the victim.

โ€œThe victim goes by the name of Alpha Kourouma. He is a Sierra Leonean. He was there in search of gold,โ€ Dr. Conde was quoted.

Siguiri is renowned gold mining area and it is a common place for illegal mining activities.

The region is rich in gold resources, and accidents such as landslides occur frequently due to illegal gold mining activities. The latest incident happened in October last year, when at least eight people died there.

According to the local Red Cross there, at least 76 people have died in several landslides in there.