The Liberia National Police (LNP) has arrested an alleged Sierra Leonean criminal for killing a police officer in is country, LNP Spokesman Moses Carter has said.

He was arrested after the LNP was alerted by the Sierra Leonean Inspector General of Police, Dr. Ambrose Michael Sovula.

Carter said Gabriel Kaikai fled neighboring Sierra Leone after he allegedly murdered a police officer there.

“Inspector General of Police in Sierra Leone hinted the Liberia National Police through Interpol about a Sierra Leonean National who has murdered a police officer and fled the country, and the Liberia National Police has been on the alert since we got the information from our Sierra Leonean police counterpart,” Liberia’s Police Spokesman disclosed.

The alleged criminal after fleeing his homeland decided to seek refuge in Liberia and he is believed to have been involved with several criminal activities here.

“This guy has also been on the run in Liberia as well before getting the information that he murdered a police officer in Sierra Leone and ran away. The Liberia National Police has been in search of them, but we got a tipoff that he was seeing around that’s how we arrested him,” Carter noted.

The Liberian Police Spokesman has, however, warned criminals committing crimes in neighboring countries to not think of Liberia as being their hiding place. He said, “Gabriel’s case should serve as caveat to would-be criminals who will want to use Liberia a safe haven, we will get you as we got Gabriel,” he warned.

LNP spokesman told reporters Monday, that the suspected Sierra Leonean murderer joined another criminal in Liberia who, according to him, on September 28, 2021 jumped on a motorcyclist and took away his bike.

Source: Front Page Africa