A Sierra Leonean man residing in London, Amidu Koroma, who worked as a delivery driver, has been found guilty of the murder of his wife, Mariam Kamara, after attempting to cover up the crime by setting their home on fire and falsely implicating his teenage son in the tragic incident.

The distressing case unfolded in Brixton, south London, in January 2022, where Amidu Koroma, aged 48, fatally stabbed his wife, Mariam Kamara, aged 46, at their residence. During the trial at the Old Bailey, it was revealed that Koroma vehemently denied responsibility for her death and instead tried to shift the blame onto his innocent son.

Jurors were presented with evidence highlighting the toxic nature of Amidu Koroma’s relationship with Ms. Kamara, who reportedly lived in constant fear that he would take her life.

Koroma had put forth the claim that his 19-year-old son was a troubled individual who had committed the heinous act by re-enacting a scene from the Netflix show “You.”

The trial included testimony from prosecutor Zoe Johnson KC, who informed the court that a fire had erupted in an upstairs bedroom in the early hours of January 24. Amid the chaos of flames and smoke billowing from a first-floor window, Koroma calmly informed emergency responders that his wife was trapped inside.

Ms. Johnson explained that Ms. Kamara’s severely burned body was later discovered on her bed, surrounded by the distinct scent of accelerant. An empty can and funnel were discovered on the ground floor, and the victim’s blood was detected on the bannisters near the bottom of the stairs.

A post-mortem examination confirmed that Ms. Kamara had succumbed to stab wounds to her neck and chest before the fire was ignited. The investigation also revealed that an analysis of Koroma’s clothing displayed signs of heat damage from exposure to flames, and a kitchen knife, bearing Ms. Kamara’s blood, was found in a knife block.

Ms. Johnson emphasized that all the background and scientific evidence pointed to Amidu Koroma’s sole involvement in Mariam’s death, refuting his attempt to implicate his son in the crime.

Koroma’s son, under cross-examination, vehemently denied being unstable and responsible for his mother’s death after a poor parent-teacher meeting. The court learned that the relationship between his parents had deteriorated significantly, with Koroma repeatedly leaving the family home to live with another woman, only to return seeking forgiveness.

Frequent disputes over financial matters occurred in the household, and Ms. Kamara reportedly endured the strained relationship for the sake of her son, who was on the brink of attending university. She confided in a friend, expressing her fear that Koroma would ultimately take her life and his refusal to leave the house.

Amidu Koroma is now set to be sentenced following the guilty verdict, with the case proceeding to the sentencing phase on Monday.