A witness has told an appeal hearing court in Monrovia that he saw former Revolutionary United Front (RUF) Commander, Gibril Massaquoi order the beheading of a teenage girl at Waterside in Monrovia.

The witness said that he and his friend went to the Waterside market to purchase goods when Massaquoi and his men apprehended them together with the girl. He continued that Massaquoi ordered a certain ‘Bossman’ to cut off the girl’s head.

“He called for a stool that had blood stain on all of it and he ordered us to watch,” the witness said. He continued that the incident occurred right in front of him and that the incident haunted him because it was his first time.

He said that after the alleged murder, Massaquoi use his maxim, “Go to heaven and tell God that Angel Gabriel sent you.”

The witness responded that it was the Finnish Court’s interpreters that misunderstood him because he said he told them that it was a man and a woman and not two men.

In the same hearing, another witness said Massaquoi also captured them at the same location and ordered some of his boys to rape some girls and women in a nearby bush.

Massaquoi is accused of aggravated rape and murder in the Second Liberia Civil War accusations which he had vehemently denied.