Sierra Leone’s Minister For Basic And Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE), David Monina Sengeh has delivered a keynote address to graduands from more than 40 African countries of the African Leadership College in Mauritius.

Speaking at the event the minister made key assertions on self-development as well as how the graduates can be useful to their different communities and countries at large.

He said ‘’To the graduating students, I asked them to remember 5 things:

  1. Be good at whatever you decide to do
  2. There’s no wrong exit, you can learn from everything
  3. Be authentically your full self
  4. Do Politics, do public service
  5. And do the hard stuff.”

Minister Sengeh added that there is no point in trying to prove that someone is wrong about you, adding that individuals have to prove themselves as well as those who believe in them.  

If they’re wrong now, they’ll probably continue to remain wrong no matter what you do. They can’t know you better than you know yourself.”

“There’s no way to do the hard stuff without going through the hard stuff. If you believe in religious diversity, equal pay for men and women, girls’ education, human rights, or whatever social cause you stand for, you have to do the hard work to get it done,” he asserted.

Before the keynote address at the ALC graduation ceremony, the minister spent time with the students and staff of the college.

‘’I am thrilled to have heard from African youth from all across the continent about their visions to change their countries,” he said.

Minister Sengeh disclosed that he had great discussions with the Mauritius Minister of Education, Science, and Technology on exploring partnership opportunities between both countries.