The Embassy of Sierra Leone in Moscow has addressed concerns about delayed stipend payments to students studying in Russia and Serbia.

The Embassy acknowledged a delay in disbursements for the 2023-2024 academic year but clarified it’s not an isolated incident.

The Ministry of Higher and Technical Education in Sierra Leone is reportedly handling the issue for all students on government scholarships abroad. The Embassy emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to resolving the matter and ensuring the government fulfills its obligations.

The Embassy refuted claims circulating on social media suggesting students are facing starvation. They urged those spreading such information to cease, highlighting its negative impact on the government’s image and relations with host countries.

Meanwhile, the Embassy met with graduating students on June 18th to discuss their experiences and challenges. They also explored ways to improve the situation for current and future students, including maintaining communication after students return home.

The Embassy advised all students in Russia and Serbia to remain patient and abide by local laws while the government addresses their concerns.

This news comes after the National Union of Sierra Leonean Students in the Russian Federation (NUSS-RF) expressed their disappointment and frustration regarding the delayed stipends. They have called on the government for a swift resolution.