Solan police have apprehended Steven Ansumana, a 30-year-old resident of Sierra Leone, from Kharar, Punjab, on Sunday. Ansumana was taken into custody for overstaying in the country after his visa expired on January 15. According to Solan SP Gaurav Singh, Ansumana was presented before a local court, which remanded him to judicial custody for 14 days.

The arrest came following a complaint lodged by the Deputy Registrar of Bahra University, alleging that Ansumana, enrolled as a BCA student in the 2021-22 session, remained in India despite the expiration of his visa. A case under Section 14 of the Foreigners Act was filed at the Kandaghat police station on January 31, based on the university’s complaint.

The university stated that Ansumana had been instructed to provide a valid visa to the authorities but failed to comply. Instead, he reportedly began an internship at a company based in Mohali. This failure to adhere to visa regulations led to legal action being taken against him.

The incident highlights the importance of adhering to visa regulations and immigration laws in India. Foreign nationals residing in the country are required to ensure that their visas are valid and updated to avoid legal consequences. Overstaying a visa can result in fines, deportation, or even criminal charges, as seen in Ansumana’s case.

Authorities have reiterated the need for foreign students and workers to comply with visa regulations and promptly renew or extend their visas before expiration. Failure to do so not only violates the law but also jeopardizes one’s stay and future prospects in the country.

This incident also underscores the collaboration between educational institutions and law enforcement agencies in monitoring and enforcing visa compliance among foreign students. Universities and colleges play a crucial role in ensuring that their international students adhere to immigration laws and fulfill their visa obligations.

The arrest serves as a reminder to foreign nationals residing in India to be vigilant about their visa status and to take proactive steps to comply with immigration regulations. It also emphasizes the consequences of disregarding visa laws and the potential legal repercussions that may follow.

As the case unfolds, authorities are expected to conduct further investigations to determine the circumstances surrounding Ansumana’s overstayed visa and his activities during this period. Additionally, efforts may be made to prevent similar incidents in the future through increased awareness and enforcement of visa regulations.