This morning, Sierra Leoneans living in Australia assembled in a show of solidarity and resolve at the Australian Parliament House in Canberra to rally for liberty and equity in their native land. The act of protest started exactly at 11:00 am, that being the very time of the formal parliamentary meetings, offering a potent setting to the event.

The Concerned Sierra Leoneans in Australia summoned a demonstration in order to openly urge the Government of Sierra Leone to honour the civil rights and demands of the Sierra Leonean people. A public notice was sent out to Sierra Leoneans in Australia, friends of Sierra Leone, as well as anyone with an interest in the matters afflicting Sierra Leone.

In a gesture of unity, buses provided transportation for attendees from Sydney and Melbourne to Canberra. This enabled Sierra Leoneans from multiple states and territories to take part in the democratic process, underlining their shared purpose and commitment.

Before the demonstration, the relevant parties were made aware, including the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) as well as several Honourable Senators from the Upper House. This made sure that the serene protest could go ahead without encountering any interference.

As the day progressed, a large crowd of Sierra Leoneans, acquaintances and allies rallied together in Canberra, conveying a strong demonstration of solidarity and perseverance. The serene demonstration served as a poignant reminder of the might of collective effort and the persistent essence of democracy.

The coordinators assure that additional facts will be divulged in good time. Whilst we anticipate further updates, the present demonstration is an emblem of the tenacity of the Sierra Leonean populace in Australia, their dedication to liberty, and their strong conviction in equity for Sierra Leone.