Over 1000 Sierra Leoneans Languishing in Dubai, Call on Government to Help Them Return Home

Over 1000 Sierra Leoneans are reportedly languishing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates(UAE), and are calling on the Government of Sierra Leone to help bring them back home.

Alusine Conteh, a stranded Sierra Leonean in Dubai told Sierraloaded that over 1000 of Sierra Leoneans, both male and female, elderly and young are living in a deplorable condition in Dubai.

We live a horrible conditions, we face discrimination against us, racism and other violent acts against us,” he said.

He added that, “We have worked for various companies but when the time came for us to receive our salaries they don’t pay us.”

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Conteh further noted that life in Dubai is hard, as living standards are very expansive, adding that some of the men have resulted to begging in the streets and the women engaging in prostitution in order to survive.

Living in this country is very expensive. Presently, we are living without our basic needs and some guys are begging in the streets, and women engaging in prostitution to survive,” he said.

He however stated that begging in the streets and prostitution are crimes in the UAE, and as a result of that some of their friends have been arrested by the police and held in custody.

We are kindly asking the Government of Sierra Leone, NGOs, and other goodwill organisations to help us go back to our country,” Conteh pleaded.



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