Sierra Leonean US Based Storyteller, Filmmaker, and Experience Curator, Adenikeh Hamilton has recounted her decision to return to her homeland.

Adenikeh in an interview on DW TV stated that her decision to return to Sierra Leone is based on an encounter she had at Africa chop house where the American Ambassador for AU gave a talk that the missing piece of Africa is in the diaspora.

She said she made the conscious decision to return in 2020 because she wanted to use her talent to tell the story of her country from within so that the world will not continue to see Sierra Leone as the Land of Ebola, Blood Diamond, and Child soldier.

Adenikeh explained that she left sierra leone at a very young age during the war, recounting also how they almost get lost at sea as they were in a boat for 6 days on a journey to the Gambia that should have lasted for only 30hrs.

She however promised to use her storytelling to change the perception of Sierra Leone to the world.