Popular Sierra Leonean Video Creator living in the United States with his family, known as the Tarawallie Family, has given strong advice to Never Visit Sierra Leone.

In his video posted yesterday on his Facebook page, ‘The Tarawallie Family’, he gave three reasons why people should never visit his home country, Sierra Leone.

Looking at the headline and starting to watch the video, one would think that he was about to talk about some negative stuffs that would drive or stop people from visiting Sierra Leone but lo and behold, a different thing is seen.

His first reason for people to avoid Sierra Leone is because of the friendly nature of Sierra Leoneans. He said Sierra Leoneans like strangers and when they see one, they welcome that individual as if he/she is one of them. So that is one reason why you should never visit Sierra Leone.

Another reason is the beautiful sun and peaceful atmosphere where you will be able to chill and relax and not having to fear for your life.

The last reason he made mention of is the delicious jollof rice which is Sierra Leoneans specialty dish. He said Sierra Leoneans make the best jollof rice and that is why you should not visit Sierra Leone.

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