A Sierra Leonean woman has called for help over what she believes to be a marriage fraud she is experiencing with her fellow Sierra Leonean in Canada.

Explaining her plight, the woman stated how she married the Sierra Leonean man called Donald Gilpin, in good faith, and then found that he was not interested in the marriage per se but really was only seeking to be with his family in Toronto whom had tried to bring him several times but failed.

The alleged Sierra Leonean Victim claims she was falsely accused of domestic violence by her spouse after 3 weeks of marriage in an attempt to divorce her, secure immigration status and reunite with his family.

The woman says she is about to be jobless after the accusation about her and she can’t go on welfare because she had recently signed immigration papers to sponsor him for 3 years.

She says she will be reaching out to the Canada boarder services, but if anyone can help with any information, it will be vital in her case as she and her kids are about to lose everything.